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Halloween Cosplay by The-Winged-Warden Halloween Cosplay :iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 2 0 Arthuria by The-Winged-Warden Arthuria :iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 1 0
Fade Song and Marching Ballad
Anima shifts rather uneasily in the white Orlesian styled dress she was forced to wear by Leliana and Josephine. Her reddish brown hair was tied in a lavish bun done up with jewels and white flowers, an insistent suggestion from the two ladies as well. Sighing heavily she makes her way to the Commander's quarters walking rather awkwardly in glass styled heels. "I can't believe I let those two talk me into dressing up like a painted shemlen doll," she huffed softly. Reaching the door she takes a deep breath, she could hear the flitting melodies of Cullen's piano echoing from the other side. Butterflies fluttered about in her stomach as she knocked loudly on the door.    
   Cullen sits at the cherry wood grand piano, dressed in a noble, stately red tunic in the style of Ferelden aristocracy. He keys lovely notes on the piano, displaying a serene gentleness in his motions as he turns to look at Anima. The sight of his Inquisitor nearly takes his breath away as he ceas
:iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 2 0
Mature content
Of Slippers and Bedsheets :iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 2 0
My Precious You
My Precious You
Your soft lips pressed against the coolness of my cheeks,
The brush of your hand upon my own so tender and sleek.
Green the color of the deepest emerald shines within your
Such a loving smile that captivates my heart so never hiding
Dark lies.
You are my precious you.
A voice as commanding as thunder possesses the soft winds
That whisper.
Liquid jewels that fall from your gaze can make the earth
Tremble in sorrow.
I protect my precious you not knowing if you will walk at my
Side tomorrow.
Embrace me now my sweet you for life is fleeting.
Our paths have crossed and intertwined in a fateful meeting.
I walk with you now and always my dearest you even
During the darkest hours.
My heart belongs to my precious you.
:iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 1 0
Return of His Heroine
Return of His Heroine
By Amanda Michaud
It had been a year since that fateful day since King Alistair bid his beloved Queen a tearful farewell. He had implored her not to leave his side with every fiber of his being; however her decision had been set in stone. The memory of her departure still lingered in his mind as if it were yesterday. Leaning heavily in his throne the King of Ferelden pressed his forehead into the palms of his strong but gentle hands.
************************************ A Year Ago
“Dearest Arthuria won’t you at least reconsider?!” the King pleaded feebly. He stood facing Lady Arthuria the youngest daughter of the Cousland family of Highever and the Hero of Ferelden. Queen Arthuria was fitting into her Grey Warden Armor bearing the symbol of the mighty winged griffon with outstretched wings. Her soft blue eyes gazed back at her husband’s reflection in the mirror sorrowfully.
“My love, if there was another way … I would not be lea
:iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 6 2
Mature content
Tragedy and Darkness :iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 1 0
Serenade of Spring
Serenade of Spring
By Amanda Michaud
The final days of winter begin to wane as the earth prepares for
Another seasonal serenade.
Storm clouds gather quietly over the snow-covered lands.
Lightning flashes across the gray skies extending their electrical hands.
The drumming of great thunder claps sound off in the distance.
Raindrops of ethereal grace fall gently upon the cold ground.
With these warm storms the promise of green life shall abound.
Spring’s tears awaken the slumbering seeds deep beneath the soil
Beckoning their growth with an ancient tune.
Once the rain has cleared, the rays of the sun harmonizes with the
Flow of nature.
In quiet pianissimos flowers, shrubs, and trees of all varieties bloom.
The chirping of birds soon pierces the grey gloom.
Frozen lakes and rivers thaw in heightening crescendos.
Roaring falls from mountains tall carry the nutrients of life’s cycle.
Herds of deer and elk once again prance about the evergreen meadows.  
Soft fluttering of bu
:iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 3 3
Beautiful You
Beautiful You
By Amanda Michaud
Dedicated to Erik Destler the Phantom of the Opera
A soul trapped by the dark cruelty of the world
Finds solace within the embrace of the earth.
Beneath the sunlit lands you create works of art
Full of tragedy and mirth.
A genius by birth you long to share your talent
With those above.
However your outer appearance inspires only fear,
The common folk lacking understanding and love.
Years of torment causes an unending flow of tears.
Beautiful you I hear your cries from across time.
You carry the voice of angels so sublime.
Sing your heavenly tunes to the world even if
They continue to judge.
Tis their moral reputation that will be smudged.
Beautiful you hide not your face behind a fabric of white.
As a friend who understands I will guide you into the
Together our voices will mingle, together our music will
Forever shall we be back to back even when times grow
My beautiful you, true beauty is not measured by outward
The inner s
:iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 2 0
Let Them Hear
Let Them Hear
A Poem Dedicated to the LGBTQ Nation (You are beautiful the way you are)
Raise your voice to the very heavens
Be not afraid to let them hear.
Yes there is so much evil and shadow
However you do not need to fear.
Open your eyes to the world around you
Let them see your soul shine through.
Step forward from the crowd,
Let them see you stand bold and proud.
You are more than just a creature of flesh,
But a being of emotions intricately weaved and meshed.
It should not matter what gender you love.
Love is a message sent from above.
Let society judge you not for who you are.
Hold out your hand and capture that falling star.
Let them not see your sorrows let them hear you laugh.
After all you are human just as I am.
:iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 1 0
My Sky, Your Tower
My Sky, Your Tower
By: Amanda Michaud
Upon your glorious tower you stand
Always looking down at the people you brand.
With a crown of emeralds and gold
You steal from the countries ‘treasury
Oh so bold!
You shout aloud making demands of others
Never taking into account the suffering of your
Fellow brothers.
From the crowd of your slaves I sadly stare
How could this love be true that I bear?
Yes you were stabbed in the back
But in the world a trusting friend and love
You now lack.
Let your sin of pride swell and fester.
In the eyes of many you are a fool
Like a court jester.
Gazing skyward I shrug off my skin
Damaged by your words inherited
From your kin.
Sunlight shining so bright my wings
Spread pure and white.
They carry me high above the clouds
Now your land will be devoured by
Demons of the shrouds.
My sky is mightier than your tower.
Nature endures forever while your
Remains are left for the crows to scour.
:iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 1 0
This Sacred Place
This Sacred Place
A Poem Dedicated to the Forgotten Elms and the surrounding environment
Golden rays of the sun pierce through the green leafy canopy
of an ancient forest.
A soft melody of the wind gently whispers among the leaves
Raising the spirits of the land from their slumber.
Voices of nature join in their number.
A crystal blue lake shines as bright as diamonds beneath the morning
This hallowed place protected by the great Elm Tree will last
Even beyond the end of days.
Only the chosen may enter this sacred realm and pass freely unchallenged
By its guardian.
For within this sacred place does it house a tavern where only the select few may
Call home.
:iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 1 0
Your words froze my heart with your cruel icy spell
At that moment I heard Death’s bell.
Grasping a sharpened blade your words still ring
You were the man I once held near and
Steel blade pressed to my skin I try
To block your hollow voice.
It seems I have a choice.
I could simply end the pain of it all.
With one swift move my soul would
Gazing at my reflection your eyes still haunt me;
However it helps a blind girl see.
This will not be my end!
Through the air my blade flies
It lands on the floor with an echoing clatter.
My own words are all that matter.
All that matters is that I am alive.
Even against all odds I will survive. 
:iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 2 0
Vale of the Angels
Vale of the Angels
Poem by: Amanda Michaud
Golden tall grass spreads out as far as the eyes can see
Under an endless sky of blue as deep and wide as the sea.
Running my hand tenderly through these plants of gold,
I walk amongst this place seeming so beautiful,
But majestically old.
A flowing gown of silvery white I am wrapped in.
Like a child young at heart I begin to spin.
As I twirl a soft melody had begun to blow with a gentle
Wind at my back.
The music slowly swelled into a heavenly crescendo
Casting a powerful light to where darkness now lacked.
Halting my dance I stand listening in awe.
Then a miracle occurred to defy scientific law.
Angels of Heaven appeared all around me
Laughing and singing with glee.
Their magnificent wings of pure gold shone in the
Sun ever so bold.
Jaw falling agape I stood within their presence.
Turning to face me one called out
“Rejoice and sing with us child for the Lord is here
So tender and mild.”
Closing my eyes I allow my memories to carr
:iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 0 0
Cullen and Anima First Kiss by The-Winged-Warden Cullen and Anima First Kiss :iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 4 0 Born This Way by The-Winged-Warden
Mature content
Born This Way :iconthe-winged-warden:The-Winged-Warden 0 0




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Hey guys reintroducing myself here. My name is Amanda and I go by two nicknames Mandy or Mika. You can call me either and I'll answer. I'm pretty easy to get along with just don't insult anything I post. There's a fine line between critiquing and just downright insulting a piece. I am an aspiring author who still has dreams of becoming published in the near future.


Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday this past Thursday. I had a wonderful day and I am glad to announce I am no longer ridden with cancer ... it was very mild. I was actually healed from it this past summer thanks to some very special people. 
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