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Tragedy and Darkness
By Amanda Michaud

Your body shielded me from the glowing red death.
I watch helplessly as you fall unable to release my breath.
The corrupted Magister smirks darkly proud of his deed.
I collapse to my knees gathering your bleeding figure
Into my arms.
Shaking uncontrollably drops of salty sorrow are freed.

“Pathetic human he chose his fate,” the Magister
Dared to state.
Your soft golden eyes fill with tears as you lift a
Hand to wipe away my own.
“Inquisitor … forgive me,” you mutter in a strained
“Cullen … please stay with me,” I rush in vain to heal
You with my magic.
“Dearest Anima … I love you.” Your lips brush against
My cheeks one last time.
All that reaches my ears is static.

Holding your limp hand in mine I howl in agony.
“Let that be a lesson to you and your order elf!”Corypheus
Gestures to me with his clawed index finger.
He then vanishes into thin air his evil presence lingers.
“Curse you Corypheus!” I sob.

Vengeance swarms my heart as voices from the Beyond
Murmur into my ears.
Hunger of destruction calls to my soul, Desire of the
Elder One’s demise stamps out my fears.
My inspiration to dominate turns into an obsession
Of Pride.
All because my love has died.

My tears of sorrow turn to blood as the demonic possession
Consumes my inner fortitude.
A dark aura swirls around my form at the gathering storm.
Rising to my feet I clench my fist glowing green towards
The skies.
“Forgotten Ones grant me the strength and power to strike
At my foes. Let me hear their wounded cries.”

Green and purple lightening incurs the Anchor feeding it
Unnatural energy.
The Maker has failed this world along with his false bride
The Creators have ignored the woes of the People.
My crimson gaze falls upon the Temple’s ruined steeple
I begin to transform.

Curving horns extend to form a great devilish crown.
Dragon wings of a blackened scarlet sprout from my back as I holler
In excruciating pain.
My armor matches the darkened hue of my wings twisted and corrupted
By the demonic tides.
The powers of oblivion dances within my grasp.
I shall make Corypheus pay for my love’s passing … then the world will kneel
To my might and glory.
With my iron guidance history may never again repeat this tragic story.
Tragedy and Darkness
Oh Creators and Maker forgive me for writing this poem. This comic strip was the motivation behind this piece. Also the theory that Rinoa becomes Ultimeca over the death of Squall inspired me to write this out. Dracula's story of tragic loss was the aspiration behind my Inquisitor's dark transformation and will to turn against her goal of bringing peace. Instead she turned to the Forgotten Ones and demons upon the loss of her love Cullen. This will soon be converted to a visualization.…

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